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Frequently Asked Questions

Cooper Plating only does plating for functional purposes, not cosmetic.

Our processes are applied to achieve a specific objective, which can include: increasing bondability, solderability, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, surface hardness, high electrical and thermal conductivity, stable and low contact resistance, good bonding, increased ductility, and improved wear resistance of load-bearing surfaces.

Every case is unique.

Our most precious metals (silver and gold) are purchased ahead of time so our monthly quotes reflect the true value of the metal market.

For ongoing production runs, we will apply a silver escalator or reserve the right to apply an escalator if the fabricated purchase price exceeds the specified amount we purchase the metal for.

Contact us for further information or for a quote.

Rack: Self-suspended parts, which ensures no part-to-part contact.

Barrel: Parts must be small enough and able to withstand tumbling.

Electroplating is a process that changes the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of an item.

It can increase corrosion and tarnish resistance, stable low contact resistance, tensile strength, create surface hardness, generate high electrical and thermal conductivity, increased ductility, and improve wear resistance of load-bearing surfaces.


However, tin is a good alternative for a more cost-effective process.

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