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With more than 20 high-performance precision copper alloys for rolled strip in our portfolio, we are able to supply the global copper processing industry with customized solutions. These include Boway’s self-developed copper-nickel-tin alloy, copper-nickel-phosphorus alloy, copper-nickel-silicon-cobalt alloy, copper-tin-phosphorus alloy, and tin-phosphorus-zinc-copper alloy.

These copper alloy strip series have excellent physical, mechanical and bending properties as well as thermal stress relaxation performances, high temperature softening and anti-fatigue properties. Additionally, thanks to our advanced technological equipment, we can assure different surface finishing qualities and a very tight control of the specified tolerances. They are widely used in fields such as automotive electronics, 5G communications, consumer electronics and lead frame. With professional application support capabilities, Cooper Rolled Products provide comprehensive application solutions to continuously create value for global customers.

Alloy properties diagram.

High Performance Alloy

boway 18160 boway 19005

boway 70250 boway 70318

boway 19000 boway 14415

boway 18150 boway 18400

boway 19010 boway 70250 HS

boway 42300 boway 70260

Copper-Chromium-Zirconium Alloy

  • High conductivity medium strength alloy with excellent stress relaxation resistance
  • Partially can reach 175°C/200°C/1000 h

Copper-Nickel-Silicon Alloy

  • High-performance high strength and medium conductivity alloy for automobile and lead frame

Copper-Nickel-Silicon-Cobalt Alloy

  • Ultra high strength, medium conductivity, good stress relaxation resistance
  • Strengthened copper zinc alloy, which can replace bronze with good stress relaxation resistance

Copper-Nickel-Phosphorus Alloy

  • High conductivity, medium strength
  • Stress relaxation resistance can reach 175℃/1000h
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Ultra-Fine Grain Alloy

boway 51100 SG

boway 51900 SG

boway 52100 SG

Ultra-Fine Grain Tin Bronze

  • Grain size down to 3µm at the most
  • Better chemical properties and excellent bending performance than ordinary bronze
  • Higher strength range than ordinary bronze
  • Suitable for stamping applications due to improved smooth stamping surface

Tin-Nickel-Silicon Alloy

  • Environmentally friendly alloy, low-cost bronze alternative
  • Better stress relaxation resistance than ordinary bronze
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High Strength Medium Conductivity Copper-Nickel-Si

The high strength medium conductivity Cu-Ni-Si strip material developed by Boway Alloy has good cold working, electroplating, hot-dip-tin plating performance.

It has high yield strength (780MPa under TM06, conductivity above 40% IACS), excellent fatigue resistance and bending performance.


  • Suitable for soft brazing and gas shielded welding
  • Mainly used in large-scale integrated circuits and other high-end fields such as electrical parts, stamping parts, connectors, relay springs and semiconductor parts
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Copper-Nickel-Silver Alloy

boway 77000

boway 75200


  • Used in shielding shields for 3C consumer electronics
  • High corrosion resistance
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Tin Bronze

boway 51000

boway 51100

boway 51900

boway 52100

boway 52400


  • Alloys for connectors
  • Some can be used for semiconductors
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Copper Iron Alloy

boway 19210

boway 19400


  • Alloys for semiconductor integrated circuits and lead frames
  • Suitable for semiconductor surfaces
  • Widely used in automotive connectors
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